AB Philea 350. Auktion - Münzen
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AB Philea 350. Auktion - Münzen

Mittwoch 17.01.2018

Los von Los bis Anfangszeit CET Beschreibung
1 1265 16:00 CET Schweden, Ausländische Poststempel-Sammlung
1266 1790 17:30 CET Nordische Länder, Sammlungen Europa und alle Welt, Thematik
1791 2742 18:15 CET Nicht-Nordische Länder A-Z
2743 3184 19:00 CET Numismatik, Verschiedenes
AB Philea
AB Philea: Conditions of sale

You are legally bound by your bids. Bidding at the auction implies approval of the conditions of sale.
The auction is public.
All reserves are in Swedish currency (EUR). Bids below reserve are not accepted.
The highest bidder will recieve the lot at an advance over the second highest bid. Advances are about 5 % of the amount; e.g. EUR 100 for the EUR 2000–5000 price interval.
If there is only one bidder, the bidder will receive the lot at the reserve price.
In the case of equal bids, the bid recieved first will have precedence; hence, please submit your bids as early as possible.
Please note that you may bid on several lots and limit your total purchase amount.
Buyer's commission: generally 24 %. In the coin auction, the buyer's commission is 21 %.
Lots can only be returned if the description of the lot in the auction catalogue is TO A LARGE EXTENT INCORRECT. Complaints must be made no later than a week after the receipt of the lot by the purchaser, in order for the complaint to be considered.
Credit can normally not be given. Customers known to us, will however receive any purchased material without prior payment, as long as the total purchase is no more than (approximately) EUR 100. The invoice accompanying such a delivery is to be paid within one week.
For issues not addressed above the bidder/purchaser is hereby made aware of the fact that AB PHILEA conforms to general and accepted methods of trading in the philatelic community. If in doubt about any trading issue, please contact us.
AB Philea is a member of the Swedish Society of Stamp Dealers.
AB Philea 350. Auktion - Münzen

Auktionstermin: 17. Januar 2018

AB Philea
Svartensgatan 6
SE-116 20 Stockholm

Telefon: +46-(0) 8-640 09 78
Fax: +46-(0) 8-643 22 38

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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Besondere Auktionsbedingungen:

Die Käufer-Kommission beträgt 24%.
Für Münz-Auktionen beträgt die Kommission 21%.

× Die Käufer-Kommission beträgt 24%.
Für Münz-Auktionen beträgt die Kommission 21%.

Los 2752

Europa - Schweden


Sweden, Pommern, Kristina SB 15var 1 taler 1642 28,87 g. Stettin. Välpräglat exemplar med viss lyster. Variant med text GOT.VAND: i omskriften på åtsidan. 1+

1) All the offered material in the present catalogue is of ownership of Third Parties. The society Franco Casati s.a.s. sells on behalf of Third Parties who granted proper entitlement.

2) Generally material offered is reproduced with pictures. The picture is integral part of the description. Any claim related prints centre, margins and stamps characteristics (like heaviness of cancellations, etc.) are not accepted. When not photographed the material offered has genuine first-quality and is without hidden defects, unless differently stated. For items not photographed it is possible to send photocopies or e-mails (scans) at the cost of € 2,50 + VAT each, and for front/back pictures € 4,00 + VAT. Payment must be made in advance through italian stamps in Euro or via PayPal after receipt of our email confirming the relevant amount (see page IX).

2a) All the pictures, also unprinted in the catalogue, can be seen on our website www.casatiaste.it if you click the option «bid on-line». Finally you may enlarge the picture if you click on the image.

3) Base prices of this «Public auction» are in Euro and shown in the column next to each description.

4) Offers below base price are not accepted. The base price represents the minimum price of sale for each item. Offers with the conditions "to the best" or "upon view" are not accepted. In case two equal offers are received the one received earliest will be considered as winning.

5) Award price will be increased by a commission of 22% plus a fixed contribution of 1,50 € for each item.

6) Mailing expenses have variable costs depending on the package weight and the value insured. Risks related to the delivery are on Buyer. Cash on delivery is not accepted.

7) Offered material has been carefully examined by our experts, high value items have been signed and certified by the most known Italian or foreign experts in the philately. The buyer who wants a different expertise from the one shown in the item description has to present a specific request in the booking form. It is faculty of Franco Casati s.a.s. to accept or deny the request for extended expertise. In case of acceptance the buyer has anyway to
proceed with the payment of the items following the standard procedure and in case the expert will give negative feedback, buyer has to return items within 30 days from date items have been shipped by Franco Casati s.a.s. Expired this term reimbursements will not be accepted for any reasons, even if issue has been caused by external events not depending by the person concerned.

8) Orders can be transmitted also by phone or fax provided they are followed by a written confirmation within 7 days from phone call or fax transmission. For those orders transmitted without our «Order Form» (for example email) the following sentence must be clearly typed: “I declare to have looked over and accepted all the conditions of sale listed in catalogue». The offers must be received within and not beyond the expiring time 7.00 p.m. of Thursday February 15th , 2018.

9) Payment can be done immediately after the sales closing or before items shipments upon our invoice issue. Buyers will have to provide payment within 15 days from the date of our invoice by cheque, bank transfer, postal
order or PayPal.

10) Hire purchase are accepted if expressly requested and upon conditions and terms that we will have to confirm.

11) In case of payment terms overdue (see art. 9) Franco Casati s.a.s. reserve the right to cancel the contract, charging the buyer with damages and applying him a penalty of 1% per month.

12) Until complete payment the items are property of the third party (original owner). The offer with the order transmission implies the complete acceptance of all sale conditions listed.

13) Claims have to be presented within 20 days from the delivery. Claims will be taken into consideration only if the opinion of two known experts certify that the item doesn’t result original or has hidden defects not described or is substantially different from the description made by us.

14) Postal or shippings fees for any reason will be subject to refund so as in case of expertising expenses

15) Claims for the following items can't be accepted for any reason:
a) items made by more than 10 pieces not described as single items;
b) items described as made by stamps with failures or of mixed quality;
c) items described as made by stamps having an estimated price lower than 10 % of the catalogue quotation.
d) the collections and the accumulations of each kind.
e) collections, covers or singles lots bearing heavy postal cancellations or expertising marks even if not described

Specifically, for items described as “to examine” claims will be not accepted. For items described at the points a-b-c-d-e above description has to be considered as indicative and not binding in any way.

16) For each controversy is available the Italian Law and is competent the Court of Monza only.

17) Abroad and overseas shipments by FEDEX only or REGISTERED for max 2/3 singles lots. ×

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