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  • About Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers

    For 70 years Bruun Rasmussen has been the bridge between buyers and sellers of unique pieces of art and collectors items. With the most extensive experience and professional advice, valuation and communication of the auction industry in Scandinavia, we auction off more than 100,000 lots per year.

    The stamp department arranges the sale of stamps, letters and postcards at the bi-monthly online auctions and holds one yearly auction in November, where the focus is on specially selected collections, lots and good quality individual items. For the November auctions, we produce an illustrated catalogue.

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About Bruun Rasmussen
Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers is a family-owned auction house, and has been since the first hammer fell in 1948.
Terms and Conditions

Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers

Conditions of Purchase – Online Auctions

These conditions of purchase represent Bruun Rasmussen Kunstauktioner's ("BRK") conditions of purchase for Online Auctions and are effective from 1 January 2017. BRK may modify the conditions of purchase at any time. By bidding, the bidder/buyer accepts the current conditions of purchase, as they appear on bruun-rasmussen.dk. The conditions of purchase apply to both business owners and consumers.
17 December 2020


1  Registration as Bidder

2  Valuation of Items

2.1  All the offered items are valued by BRK. The valuation is an estimate based on the expected hammer price, see section 6.3. The estimate is based on the previous sale of similar items as well as BRK's past experience. The hammer price can, therefore, be higher or lower than the estimated price.

3  Description of Items

3.1  Items up for auction are presented with photographs and descriptions in catalogues and on bruun-rasmussen.dk. The description is worded according to the best of BRK’s knowledge and based on detailed research in accordance with the prevailing views among experts at the time of sale.
3.2  The items up for auction are of an age and nature that often means that they are in a worn, repaired or damaged condition. As a starting point, everything is sold as used items. The description of the item’s condition at bruun-rasmussen.dk is made to the best of BRK's knowledge, but it is not based on scientific studies. The description serves only as a means of identification and as an aid to bidders who are not able to inspect the item at the preview, see section 4.1.
3.3  In some cases, BRK may choose to describe an item’s provenance. Such a description is provided if a former owner is publicly known and/or if the story of previous ownership sheds further light on the item and its background. In other cases, such information is left out of the description for reasons such as meeting the seller’s wish for privacy.

7  Amounts Added to the Hammer Price

7.1  In addition to the hammer price, the buyer pays a buyer's premium for the individual items as well as the other amounts described below if the conditions for these are applicable. The total amount that the buyer pays is called the "purchase price".
7.1.1 Buyer's Premium: The hammer price always includes an additional fee. At the Online Auctions, the fee consists of 22,4% of the hammer price + VAT on the fee, 28% in total.
7.1.2  Full VAT: Certain items are sold at auction in accordance with the current rules regarding full VAT. In such a situation, a VAT rate of 25% is imposed on both the hammer price and the buyer’s premium. These items are marked on bruun-rasmussen.dk with the symbol "*", or with the text: “This item is subject to full VAT”.
7.1.3  Artist's Resale Right: In accordance with Danish copyright law, a royalty fee covering the Artist's Resale Right has to be charged for works by newer Danish artists, and some foreign artists, who are either alive or have not been dead for more than 70 years. The royalty fee for the Artist's Resale Right is charged on behalf of VISDA (Visual Rights Denmark). The description of the works includes the text "This lot is subject to Artist's Resale Right" on bruun-rasmussen.dk.
The royalty fee covering the Artist's Resale Right is added to the full hammer price + buyer’s premium (excluding VAT) if the amount exceeds EUR 300, as indicated below:

300.01 50,000 5%
50,000.01 200,000 3%
200,000.01 350,000 1%
350,000.01 500,000 0.5%
Over EUR 500,000   0.25%

The royalty fee covering the Artist's Resale Right cannot exceed EUR 12,500 (excl. VAT) for each item. The fee must be paid in Danish kroner, and the conversion rate (EUR/DKK) is set by VISDA.
7.1.4  Debit/Credit Card Fee: BRK retains the right to collect the debit/credit card fees imposed by the payment services companies. The rates will appear when bidding on bruun-rasmussen.dk and at payment.

8  Payment

8.1  The purchase price falls due after the hammer price has been determined. Approximately 12 hours after the bidding round has ended, the purchase price will be charged automatically to the buyer's credit/debit card. The buyer will receive an e-mail containing an invoice and details concerning pick-up, delivery and deadlines.
8.2  Payment can be made with the following credit/debit cards: Dankort, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club and JCB.
8.3  The bidder is required to update the debit/credit card information, including information about the expiry date, cancellation or loss of the card. The bidder may change or delete the information on bruun-rasmussen.dk at any time.

9  VAT Exemption, Payment and Deposit

9.1  Some buyers can choose which type of VAT should be applied to the transaction. The choice has to be communicated to BRK no later than two working days after the purchase and cannot be changed subsequently.
    1. Businesses in Denmark registered for VAT can decide that the transaction is to be conducted in accordance with the rules for full VAT, see section 7.1.2.
    2. Businesses registered for VAT in another EU Member State can be exempted from paying Danish VAT if it can be proved that the item has been transported to the foreign address that the buyer has registered with BRK and which is written on the invoice. In such cases, the VAT should be settled according to the rules applicable in the country where the buyer is registered for VAT. It is advisable to consult with the local authorities. The buyer can decide not to be exempt from regular VAT and instead pay Danish VAT on second-hand goods/full VAT.
    3. Buyers residing outside the EU can be exempted from Danish VAT if it can be proved that the item has been transported out of the EU. To the extent possible and for a fee, BRK can issue the necessary export documents for the customs authorities. The buyer may decide not to be exempt from regular VAT and instead pay Danish VAT on second-hand goods/full VAT.
9.2  Companies registered for VAT in another EU Member State and buyers residing outside the EU must deposit the Danish VAT on the amount invoiced with BRK until the export process has been completed in a documented, lawful fashion. If the export is undertaken by one of BRK’s authorized forwarding agents, the VAT does not have to be deposited. See the list of authorized forwarding agents on bruun-rasmussen.dk.

10  Overdue Payments

10.1  If it is not possible for BRK to charge the purchase price to the buyer’s credit/debit card after the bidding round has ended, see section 8.1, BRK will inform the buyer and present a request for payment. Interest on overdue payment will be charged and calculated in accordance with the Danish Central Bank’s official lending rate + 8% per year of the amount due.
10.2  If the purchase price, including interest, is still not paid ten days after the demand for this has been presented, BRK is entitled to cancel the purchase.

11  Pick-up and Collection

11.1  The title to a purchased item passes to the buyer when the full purchase price, including any interest and fees, has been paid, and only then can the collection of an item take place.
11.2  In connection with the collection of a purchased item, BRK reserves the right to demand satisfactory documentation that the person who wants to pick up the item is either the buyer himself/herself or authorized by the buyer to receive the item on his/her behalf.
11.3  The collection of certain weapons requires presentation of a valid weapons certificate. If such a requirement is applicable, it will be stated in the description of the weapon on bruun-rasmussen.dk.
11.4  The pick-up must take place no later than on the Tuesday of the week after the sale. If this is a public holiday, the pick-up must occur on the next working day.
11.5  If the item(s) is/are not picked up on time, the purchased items will be transported to a warehouse at the buyer's risk and expense. The transport costs are DKK 150 including VAT per item and the storage costs are DKK 150 including VAT per item for each week or part of a week. If an item is left unclaimed for an amount of time that results in the storage costs exceeding the value of the item, BRK will be entitled to, at the buyer's expense and risk and without regard to the reserve price, sell the item at an auction or privately. The buyer is still liable for the costs of transportation and storage not covered by such sale.
11.6  In accordance with current anti-money laundering rules, the buyer must in certain cases submit personal information and present a photo ID to BRK before the buyer can be given the purchased item.

12  Shipping           

12.1  If the buyer is unable to pick up the purchased items+, BRK offers to pack and arrange delivery either by mail or by freight forwarder at the buyer's risk and expense. See section11.2 regarding identification.

13 Export License

13.1  To ensure that Danish cultural heritage of vital importance remains in Denmark, the Danish Cultural Assets Commission can place an export ban on certain items. If the buyer wishes to export an item that is subject to an export ban in Denmark, the purchase will be cancelled and the Danish Cultural Assets Commission is obliged to acquire ownership of the item for the price obtained at auction. The buyer cannot raise any claims against BRK as a result of an export ban.
13.2  Certain items are included in the Washington Convention, also known as CITES. The purpose of CITES is to stop the trade of items made with endangered species and flora. If the item is included in the Washington Convention, CITES, Appendix 1, this will appear in the description of the item on bruun-rasmussen.dk and be marked with the symbol ”◉” in the catalogue. The following rules are applicable:
    1. Items that are included in the Washington Convention, CITES, Appendix 1, can only be traded when a dispensation in the form of a CITES certificate has been obtained. BRK obtains the required certificate from the Danish Nature Agency that allows trade and export to countries within the EU. Items that were produced before 1947 can, however, be freely traded within the EU without a certificate.
    2. It is only items included in the Washington Convention, CITES, Appendix 1 that are marked individually on bruun-rasmussen.dk and in our catalogue. Items included in the Washington Convention, CITES, Appendix 2, which can be freely sold and transported within the EU, are not individually marked.
    3. Export to countries outside the EU must, regardless of the year of the item’s production, always procure a CITES re-export permit from the Danish Nature Agency if the item is included in the Washington Convention, Appendix 1 and 2. This export permit can usually be obtained without problems, if the item is either sold with a CITES certificate or was made prior to 1947. Appendix 2 items usually also receive a re-export permit without problems.
    4. In connection with export to other countries outside the EU, special rules may apply concerning the subsequent import, and the buyer is encouraged to consult the relevant local authorities about this issue.

14  Right of Withdrawal – Only Applies to Private Buyers

14.1   Without providing any reasons, the buyer is entitled to cancel the purchase no later than 14 days after the buyer or a third party designated by the buyer has received the purchased item.
14.2  To exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer must provide BRK with an unambiguous statement that the buyer wishes to cancel the purchase. This can be done by letter or e-mail.
14.3  The right of withdrawal can be invoked if the buyer sends the message before the expiry of the deadline for withdrawal.
14.4  If the buyer exercises the right of withdrawal, BRK will refund all payments received from the buyer no later than 14 days from the date when BRK has received the information about the buyer’s decision to cancel the purchase. This includes shipping costs, as long as the buyer cancels the entire purchase and the shipment was booked directly with BRK. BRK completes the reimbursement to the same debit/credit card that the buyer used for the initial transaction unless the buyer has expressly requested otherwise. In any case, the buyer will not incur any further fees as a result of the reimbursement.
14.5  The buyer must return the item or deliver it to BRK at the location where it was on display during the preview without any undue delay and no later than 14 days after the date when the buyer informed BRK of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.
14.6  The buyer must cover the costs relating to the return of the purchase. The buyer is liable for any depreciation in the item's value as a result of improper handling.

15  Defects in the Purchased Items

15.1  The lack of conformity rules of the Danish Sale of Goods Act may apply. Below is a non-exhaustive excerpt of the buyer's remedies in regard to lack of conformity.
15.2  The buyer is entitled to cancel a purchase if the description contained significant errors that have led to a higher hammer price than a correct description would have resulted in. In such cases, the total purchase price will be refunded. The buyer cannot demand payment of interest on the purchase price or demand payment of any other expenses or losses.
15.3  A purchase cannot be cancelled and the buyer cannot demand a refund of the purchase price or raise any other claims against BRK if the description of the item is in compliance with section 15.2. The same applies if evidence of forgery has required the use of scientific methods that were either not available at the time of sale, were excessively costly to use or led to the damage of the item in question.
15.4  Claims for a cancellation of a purchase must be notified to BRK when the buyer has discovered the fact that entitles the buyer to cancel the purchase. This notice, however, has to be given no later than two years after the final pick-up date according to section12.4. The item purchased must be returned to BRK in the same condition as it was on the day it was sold at auction. If these conditions are not met, the buyer loses the right to cancel the purchase and cannot claim a refund of the purchase price. The buyer is responsible for paying the costs associated with the return of the item.

16  Objections and Limitations on Liability

16.1  BRK is aware that errors, technical difficulties and external abuse or disruptive influences may occur during the auction. Bidders cannot raise any claims against BRK as a result of such events.
16.2  The buyer is always responsible for the correct payment of VAT and other costs, fees etc. in accordance with Danish and foreign regulations.
16.3  Unless otherwise stated in these conditions of purchase, BRK can never be held liable for bidders’/buyers’ operating loss, loss of profits, other indirect losses or consequential loss.

17  Personal Data Policy

17.1  It is important to BRK to ensure confidentiality and security regarding the bidder’s/buyer’s personal information. The personal data policy can be found on bruun-rasmussen.dk.
18  Complaints, Dispute Resolution and Applicable Law
18.1  If the bidder/buyer has a complaint, BRK’s customer service can always be contacted via email: customerservice@bruun-rasmussen.com or by telephone: +45 8818 1010.
18.2  If the dispute cannot be resolved, the consumer can submit a complaint to the Complaint Resolution Centre, Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg, Denmark, email: nh@naevneneshus.dk. Consumers residing in another EU country than Denmark can submit their complaint to the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform via the website: http://ec.europa.eu/odr.
18.3  In Denmark, disputes must be brought before the City Court of Copenhagen, but see section 18.2. The mandatory rules on jurisdiction apply to consumer interests.
Jesper Bruun Rasmussen, auctioneer
Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers A/S Sundkrogsgade 30, 2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen – DK Tel. +45 88 18 11 11, info@bruun-rasmussen.dk

The above is an English translation of the Danish version of the conditions of purchase. In case of a dispute, only the Danish version of the present conditions of purchase of Bruun Rasmussen is valid.

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