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Los AH34B2088 Wertpapiere - Großbritannien



Victory Bond Club, Nominal 1x£1.
London, Juli 1919, 1 Share á £1, #79209, 10,6 x 16,3 cm, schwarz auf blau, Faksimile-Signatur Horatio Bottomley.

Right after World War I journalist and politician Horatio William „Botty“ Bottomley had the idea to enable investments in British State Loans also for small investors. Therefore he founded the Victory Bond Club and collected about 500.000 Pounds. But, only a small part was invested in such State Loans. The major part of funds was targeted in other investments without success, further 15.000 Pounds Bottomley kept for himself to finance his luxurious lifestyle. When the fraud was shown up he was sentenced to an imprisonment of 7 years.

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