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Los AH40B1229 Wertpapiere - Afrika - Ägypten



Agricultural Bank of Egypt, Nominal Ord. 1 x £ 5.
1 June 1903, Specimen of a certificate for 1 Ordinary share of £ 5, #0000, 25 x 40 cm, turquoise, black, white, coupons, text in three languages: Arabic, English, French, superb vignette with spring, printed at Bradbury, Wilkinson & Co.

This company was created in 1902 with a principal of 1,250,000 £ and it was a subsidiary of the National Bank of Egypt. This company had a license for 50 years and was completely subject to Egyptian Law. The distribution of an obligation amounting to 2,500,000 £ was authorized in the fall of 1903 and the share capital was doubled in 1904. The Egyptian government guaranteed a yield of 3% on the shares and obligations. The company had soon grown into the most important land credit institute in the country.

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