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Los AH34B1850 Wertpapiere - Großbritannien



J. Lyons & Company, Limited, Nominal £ 650.
15 November 1951, 7 % Cumulative Preference Stock of £ 650, #14768, 22.3 x 20.7 cm, purple, beige, folds.

In 1887 the company was founded by Joseph Nathaniel Lyons. Beside being a substantial food manufacturer it was best known for a chain of tea shops. This branch started in 1894 and finally closed in 1981. Between 1909 and 1977 installed "Corner Houses" - large buildings on four or five floors including a food hall, but also hairdressing salons, telephone booths, theatre booking agencies and a lot more. In addition to that the company ran other large restaurants, further the chains have included Steak Houses, Wimpy Bars, Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin' Donuts. The most notable employee must have been Margaret Thatcher: Before becoming a Conservative Party MP in 1959 she worked as a chemist and helped to develop methods for preserving ice cream. Unfortunately this didn't help that much: The company was losing money in the 1960s and was finally was acquired by Allied Breweries in 1978. Falling on hard economic times in the late 1980s the industries were broken up and within the following years sold to other companies.

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