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Online-Streitschlichtung“ (OS-Plattform nach EU-VO)

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Informationspflicht lt. Art. 14 der EU-Verordnung Nr. 524/2013 (ODR-VO)

Information zur Online-Streitbeilegung: Die EU-Kommission stellt eine Internet-Plattform zur Online-Beilegung von Streitigkeiten (sogenannte „OS-Plattform“) bereit, die als Anlaufstelle zur außergerichtlichen Beilegung von Streitigkeiten betreffend vertraglichen Verpflichtungen, die aus Online-Verträgen über Waren oder Dienstleistungen erwachsen, dient.

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Teutoburger Münzauktion GmbH

Terms of auction

We auction goods as commission agent in our own name and for account of not named consignors. Participation in the auction shall be deemed express
acknowledgement of these Terms and Conditions of Auction.

The hammer price is the basis for the calculation of the buyer‘s surcharge. The buy price is hammer price plus 20% surcharge (relevant VAT included
in the premium). All buyers from countries outside the EC pay a fixed buyers fee of 17%. In case buyers from abroad (no EC country) export the goods
by themselves or third parties, the relevant VAT will be charged but refunded by presentation of the legally export certificate. In case we export these
goods the relevant VAT will not be charged. For gold coins which are free of VAT, we charge a buyer‘s fee of 15%. All other auction lots are acharged with
differential taxation.

Foreign taxes and custom duties shall be carried by buyer as well as shipping expenses charged according to effort. The hammer shall fall after the highest
bid has been called out three times. The knockdown shall oblige to take immediately delivery of the goods. Upon good cause shown we can refuse or
reserve the knock down. In theevent of several equal bids we have the right to knock down at our own discretion, to decide by drawing lots or re-open
the bidding. The auctioneerreserves the right to combine or to separate lots for good cause. Lots will not be called out of sequence. In case of a reserved
knock down the bidexpires 4 weeks after the knock down unless we informed the bidder within this period of the unreserved acceptance. Ownership
of the goods shall not pass until full payment. Unless mutually agreed otherwise, payment of the auction bill from buyers present at the auction is due
immediately, for other buyers within 20 days after receipt of the bill. Defaulted payments shall bear an interest charge of 1% per month in the amount in
default. Buyer shall immediately take over the knocked down goods. In case buyer is in default with this obligation and does not take over the goods in
spite ofa written deadline, or refuses to take over, we can withdraw from contract and claim damage provided that the item may be put again to auction
at this buyer’s cost. In this event the buyer shall be liable for any shortfall, while he shall have no right or claim towards any excess proceeds. Alterntely
the auctioneer has the right to sell unpaid lots to second bidders. In this case there are the same consitions as in a new auction sale.

The minimum bid scale is set out below:
up to € 100   € 5
up to € 200   € 10
up to € 500   € 20
up to € 1000   € 50
up to € 2000   € 100
up to € 5000   € 200
up to € 10000   € 500
up to € 20000   € 1000
up to € 50000   € 2500
from € 50000   €5000 (10%)

We carry out best possible written or orders via telephone or internet and treat them equal to orders to present bidders. Orders from collectors unknown
to the auctioneer can only be accepted and carried out if a deposit or references to the satisfaction on the auctioneer are given. To be bindingly accepted,
written bids need to be received at least 24 hours before auction, bidders via telephone need to be registered at the latest two work days before auction.
If necessary, we are allowed to increase the bids by 3-5%. Bids amounting to less than 90% of the estimate shall not be executed. Unlimited bids shall not
oblige us to consider, accept or carry out such order. Written orders or those via Internet will be carried out without charge of an extra commission; they
shall name the item with catalog number and the bid price and are binding.

Ambiguities shall be carried by the bidder. We do not assume any liability for such bids, especially not for connecting and keeping up telephone lines and/
or transmission errors, as well as not for off times and lag times, caused by attendance and restore of the server, by errors and problems of the Internet, by
force majeure or reason outside of our responsibility. This does not apply in case we are acting in intentional or grossly negligence.

The descriptions of the goods in the catalog do not constitute any warranty or liability in the meaning of § 434 BGB but are provided as mere information.
The state of preservation of items is strictly assessed in accordance with the grades accepted by the German coin trade and only represents an individual
and personal assessment. The authenticity of the coins is warranted (up to the total purchase price) unless anything to the contrary is noted in the
catalog or the auction. In other respects, any and allwarranty claims based on material defects of quality and defects of title are excluded. In view of the
opportunity of prior inspection to ascertain the state and condition of the auction lots, complaints of errors resulting of the imagesare excluded. Buyers
present at the auction acquire items strictly on thebasis of “as is where is” and “as inspected”. If and when auctioned in lots, the quantities of individual
pieces given, only represent an approximate figure. Lots of two or more pieces are sold “as is” and not to return in any case.

Any and all warranty claims based on material defects of quality and defects of title or on an error in the allocation of individual pieces to a certain lot
are excluded. We forward quality complaints to the deliverer claimed within the legal period of warranty. To our own choice we assign possible claims
resulting out of the commission contract to buyer or compensate buyer by unwinding of contract, at which a claim of buyer exceeding the purchase price
is excluded. For pieces consigned to us in so-called „slabs“ (plastic holders from grading companies) the stated Teutoburger warranty of authenticity is
not applicable. Also we are not liable for defects such as rim damages, traces of mounting or filing etc. that are covered by the plastic holder. In case buyer
intends to deliver goods to a Grading Service, we do not guarantee the respective acceptance or the classifying according to our valuation.

Damage claims of buyer - irrespective of legal basis - are excluded. This shall not apply for damages resulting out of our intentional or grossly negligent
conduct of our legal representatives respectively are caused in the breach of contractual cardinal obligations; to this degree, liability is limited to damages
that are foreseeable and typical for this type of contract. This shall not effect our liability for damages to life, limb, or health. Offsetting counterclaims of
buyer are excluded, unless the claim is uncontested or has been declared legally valid by court. Retentions rights of buyer are excluded unless he is not a
trader (§ 14 BGB) and his counterclaim results from the same contractual relationship.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Germany. The UN Convention (CISG) on the International Sale of
Goods shall not apply. Against traders (§ 14 BGB) and purchasers from abroad the exclusive jurisdiction shall be the Court of Halle/W. in relation to any
dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the purchase. The German version of these conditions shall be the legally binding. The invalidity or
inefficiency of any provision shall not effect the validity of all other provisions. In lieu of the invalid or inefficient provision or for the purpose of closing
the gap, s reasonable provision shall apply.

Unless catalog owners, auction participants and bidders do not express otherwise, they assure that they use the catalog and it`s contained timehistorical
and military items from the period 1933-1945 for purposes of civic information, the defense of unconstitutional efforts , the art or science of research
or teaching , the education and reporting on the events of current affairs or history or similar purposes (§ 86a, paragraph 3, of the StGB). The company
Teutoburger Münzauktion GmbH , the auctioneer and his consignors offer these items only under these requirements. With the submission of bids for
items that are provided with emblems of the Third Reich , the tenderer is obliged only for historical scientific reasons as mentioned above to acquire these
things and propaganda in any way , especially in the sense of § 86a StGB to use.

Teutoburger Münzauktion GmbH

125. Teutoburger Münzauktion Auktion
6. - 7. September 2019

Coins, medals and decorations, militaria, banknotes, stamps, watches, jewelry and much more.


Der Auktionsausruf liegt 10% unter dem Schätzpreis. Der Zuschlagpreis bildet die Berechnungsgrundlage für das vom Käufer zu zahlende Aufgeld. Für Käufer aus EU-Ländern gilt einheitlich ein Aufgeld von 20% (im Aufgeld ist die gesetzliche Umsatzsteuer enthalten). Für Käufer mit Wohnsitz in Drittländern (außerhalb der EU) gilt: Das Aufgeld beträgt einheitlich 17%. Wird die Ware vom Käufer selbst oder durch Dritte in Drittländer ausgeführt, wird die gesetzliche Umsatzsteuer berechnet, jedoch bei Vorlage der gesetzlich geforderten Ausfuhrnachweise erstattet. Führen wir diese Ware selbst in Drittländer aus, wird die gesetzliche Umsatzsteuer nicht berechnet. Im Ausland anfallende (Einfuhr-) Umsatzsteuer und Zölle trägt in jedem Fall der Käufer. Die Versandkosten werden dem Käufer nach Aufwand berechnet. Für Goldmünzen die von der gesetzlichen Umsatzsteuer befreit sind, wird ein Aufgeld von 15 % berechnet. Alle anderen Auktionslose unterliegen der Differenzbesteuerung. Für telefonische Gebote während der Auktion berechnen wir zusätzlich 1% Aufgeld. Wir rufen erst ab einem Einzelschätzpreis von mindestens 500 Euro an.

Geschäftsbedingungen für diese Auktion

Freitag 06.09.2019

Los von Los bis Anfangszeit CEST Endzeit
1 893 10:00 CEST 13:00 CEST
894 2171 14:00 CEST 18:30 CEST

Samstag 07.09.2019

Los von Los bis Anfangszeit CEST Endzeit
2172 3047 10:00 CEST 13:00 CEST
3048 4347 14:00 CEST 18:30 CEST
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125. Teutoburger Münzauktion Auktion
Coins, medals and decorations, militaria, banknotes, stamps, watches, jewelry and much more.
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